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PC Repairs
Fastreliable service repairs, at affordable prices for Apple and PC's.
Hardware Replacement
Power surges? Lightning damage? If your computer has suffered damage to its hardware, it might need to be replaced before it will work properly again.
Data Recovery
Whether you just accidentally renamed or misplaced a document or your hard drive is suffering from a complete and utter failure, our technicians can help.
Everyday new threats present themselves as Scare-ware/Malware/Adware. By analyzing your System, we can stop the infection, and provide a clean removal.

Do you wish that your computer would run like it did when it was brand new? It Can! Most systems with performance issued just need a good thorough inspection, cleaning, and software tune-up. There is no need to spend $800 to $1,500 on a new computer when you can get your system running like new again at a fraction of the cost.

PC Tech Dothan does a complete physical inspection of your computer and properly remove any dust buildup that may be preventing proper air flow to your systems components. An extensive scan and removal of all Viruses, Spy-Ware, and Ad-Ware is performed. Computer repair Dothan removes any unnecessary programs running in your systems background. We also install the latest Microsoft Windows updates to make your system stable and secure. Your hard drive is scanned for any errors and if necessary we defragment your hard drive.

Interested in boosting your systems performance with a memory upgrade? Adding memory (RAM) to your computer is the quickest and the most cost effective way to increase the performance of your system. We can get quality memory at great prices for any system (Dell, Gateway, Compaq, HP, Sony, IBM and even Custom Built Systems).

In certain situations it may be wise and more cost effective to re-install your Microsoft Windows operating system. When you do a clean install of your Windows OS you are able to start working with a clean and fresh slate that can be free from unexplained and unresolved system issues you may have been experiencing. We will install/re-install any of the following operating systems: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows EP Professional, Windows XP Media Center, Window Vista Home Basic/Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

“We Are The Only Computer Shop That Offers 24 HR Turn Around Computer Repair Upon Request”
*(additional fees may apply)